An Introduction to Contra Dance


What is Contra Dance?

Contra dance is a form of partnered folk dance focused on being social and accessible. Done in lines spanning the length of the hall, each couple dances a series of simple figures with an opposing couple (their "Neighbors") before progressing on to the next couple in line and repeating the same sequence, eventually dancing with every other couple in the line. A caller leads each evening, preparing dancers with a walk-through of each dance beforehand teaching each figure in the dance along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is it hard?

Not at all! We hold a beginners lesson at 7:30 before each Monday night dance.

Once the dance begins the caller teaches each dance we do throughout the night.


Is it expensive?

Not a bit. Non-special Monday dances are $4 for under 30 or $6 for age 30 and over. 

Saturday dances (and some special dances) are $6 for under 30 or $9 for age 30 and over.


Do I need to come with a partner?

Nope! In fact, most people come by themselves.

Dancers typically find a new partner for each dance, and are happy to dance with someone they've never met.

(That means you!)


What should I wear? What should I bring?

We recommend loose-fitting clothing that breathes well and comfortable, non-marking shoes.

A reusable water bottle will also help you avoid several trips to the water fountain.


This sounds great! How soon can I come?

We would love to have you at our next dance!

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